Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Talking Points 10

Shor says that kids need to be able to connect what they are learning about to thier own lives. If they arent able to make connections, how are they ever going to be able to put it into ways that they truley understand it? The traditional sense of the classroom isnt working anymore and teachers need to find new ways to teach kids. Lectures arent the way kids learn anymore. They need to be able to interact and get up and move around the classroom. They need to be able to talk to eachother and do projects that show a higher understanding. Teaching eachother is a good example of this. If the kids are able to turn around to the child and teach them what they know 1. they understand it more and 2 the other child will gain a new perspective as to what is happening in the classroom.

I thnk this article related to my PP because if kids find another way to learn then they have a better chance in succeding in school and actually retaining the info.

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