Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Talking points 8

I feel as though this article talks much about the separation in this country, Our classes, our genders, our races and even our edications are separated. I most deff. agree with the fact that there is a need for education to be a groupe process. Expecially for me because my learning styles in interpersonal. I accell in an enviorment where i can talk to other and bounce thoughts and ideas off other students.

A perfect example for this is our class. We all have something to say and we are able to correct eachother and internalize what we are saying and put all of our content in a "folder" in our brains. WIth out this it is simply memorization of facts that are spit out onto a piece of paper to see if we knowwhat we are talking about. in  the long run internalizing the info will make us be ahead of others who can't process info that way.

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